Since the venue is not quite on the beach, we are recommending staying in Ocean Grove for the Full JT Weekend Experience®™ (see below). This will be about a 15 minute drive to Edel Haus Farm, for which we will be providing transportation to/from, if interested.

Full JT Weekend Experience®™

If you are planning on reaching Ocean Grove on Friday (Sept 9), then we recommend you take a look at The Quaker Inn. It is a 3 minute walk from where JT will be stayingThe Quaker Inn has offered a 10% discount to guests of our party. Please specify that you are part of the Huss-Kaul party when booking to receive your discount. If booking online, mention in the “special instructions” section. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

If The Quaker Inn is not your jam, there are some other good B&B’s and a couple good hotels nearby:

Semi-JT Weekend Experience®™

If you are planning on staying overnight on Saturday (Sept 10) to Sunday after the party, then you can decide on staying near the Full JT Weekend Crew in Ocean Grove or closer to the venue at a Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn or the like.